Vacation Rental Update and the Corona Virus Crisis

The problem created by the vacation or short term rental phenomenon in Hollywood residential neighborhoods continues unabated. More and more single family homes are being bought up by out-of-town "carpetbagger" companies and individuals that are trying to cash in on this undesirable activity. Most of these rentals do not apply for the City's Vacation Permit that requires on-site inspections before the permit is issued. This ordinance, created in 2015 and amended in 2018 has penalties for non-compliance. The Lakes neighborhood dodged a bullet recently when the 2020 Florida Legislature failed to vote on two separate bills in the House and Senate that would have taken away the City's ability to regulate this activity. Surely, the vacation rental lobby will try again next year.

In an effort to keep Lakes residents informed about this cancer, we are posting the current list of permitted vacation rentals in Hollywood. If you do not see an address near you that you suspect is a rental, let us know and we will report it to the City.

Click here to see a current list of permitted vacation rentals in Hollywood

In early June, 2020, Broward County submitted a plan to the State of Florida that will allow vacation rentals to reopen and be in compliance with the State's mandatory requirements for protecting renters who stay at these rental locations.

Click here to view or download the County's Requirements:

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