• Roger Lohse

Anchoring in our lakes

The HLCA and District 1 Commissioner Shuham continue to grapple with the problem of permanent anchoring or "squatters" in both North and South Lakes. A recent audit showed 41 in North Lakes and 11 in South Lake. Some of the vessels are abandon and one is half sunk. A couple are being rented out as Airbnbs. A another public meeting will be held after the virus crisis subsides. In the meantime, below is a Fact Sheet prepared by the City of Hollywood that reviews what the City has been doing about the problem

Click here for the recent Fact Sheet:

The HLCA and District 1 Commissioner Shuham hosted a public meeting on June 11, 2019 at the Hollywood Beach Community Center to review options for dealing with the North and South Lake anchoring situation. Here is a link to the presentation. Many residents spoke and their comments will be reviewed by City Staff. Stay tuned for further updates on this situation.



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